Passerelle du Drac & Lac de Monteynard


I like France, for her diversity of any kind. Especially in nature. For example- living in Alpes does not mean the only ski but also walk & bath in plenty of the beautiful lakes!

Today I invite you for a small walk on the rope bridge Passerelle du Drac!

1 paserrelle - Copy
Length: 220 m, width: 1.20 m, height: 45 to 85 m according to the height of the water.

Apparently, this type of Himalayan bridge is very rare in Europe. The view of the lake & surrounding mountains is really breathtaking. You can make a hike and go back by boat, however, boats are available only during summer.







River Drac
Windsurfing is very popular  in France
The Lake of Monteynard

Accessibility Treffort:
7,5 km (4.7 miles) from Les Vignes car park
9,5 km (5.9 miles) from La Mira pier

Accessibility Savel:
3 km (1.8 miles) from the beach car park

It is only 1h from Grenoble!

belvedere de monteynard

The bridge is accessible for pedestrians and mountain bikers…and if you have no fear, you can cross second -twin- bridge-Passerelle de l’ Ebron!

3 paserelle