Provence & Nice

Everybody in France wants to live on French Riviera. Seriously. They even made a movie  Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis  were people tried literally everything to just get job in south part of country… ( btw. movie is great comedy, it is a must to watch it!)

Anyways, autumn is here and days are shorter & darker  and I think we need some remaining of  warm & sunny days.

This time instead of mountains I prepared  few pictures from- Côte d’Azur from our first stop:  region de Provence & Nice.  (I promised to upload more pictures from another  places of French Riviera shortly).

We have visited Provence in June. After 3 hours of driving, lavender fields showed up…


smell of it was in the air, very fragrant…


… After we arrived to Nice:) City have welcomed us with heat wave of 31 degrees!DSC_2543

sun, blue sky &sea :))  Promenade des AnglaisDSC_2571

Very famous Hotel Le Negresco



The Masséna placeDSC_2465

Fountains….(kids just loved it! )


…and waterfalls;)


Some folklore ….pigeons & watermelon and camel.. on the balcony…

Nice harbour…and promenade;)


more pictures soon…!