First snow!


I’m back to Les Alpes ūüėČ Winter is wait winter is HERE!!

On first December we got our first snowfall of the season!

Maybe is not a big deal for you ..but for us, since we live dans les Alpes, is beautiful.

For me, a city girl who remember snow as an unpleasant obstacle while walking/ driving or something grey-ish, full of dirt half frozen – half-melted “thing”, this one was a¬† big surprise.

White, big flakes, fluffy and sparkling like a diamonds falling from the sky… no wind, no rain, just -2 degree and quiet snow.


I could not resist and at first occasion, we just went for a hike.




During our trip, we realized that we need 2 things: 1 chains for our winter tyres (some part of the roads are too dangerous) and snow racket.


Luckily, it was possible to rent them at “L’espace nordique du barioz” for 2 euros(plus warm drink so was very¬†convenient.


Winter season is officially ON!!!!!!












Weekend in Chamonix

Chamonix was always on my list . It’s located in the heart of the Alps at 1035 meters and is famous because of Mont Blanc -highest mountain in the Alps and the highest in Europe 4,808 m above sea level!

Of course to climb¬† on Mont Blanc you have to be very well¬† prepared –¬† be fit and be experienced . If you never climbed with crampons or have never been in high attitude (thin air) -please do not go there, otherwise you might¬† lose our life. As much as I love hiking I do not feel prepared enough to climb this mountain. (hopefully in the future).

Chamonix is a charming place surrounded by high Alps and is worth visiting any time of the year, however, it’s a pretty posh place and can be expensive. (All ski brands are easy to find and non -ski shops such Chanel as well.) We went there at the end of August and found a nice hotel with reasonable price.

Basically, what you should visit being there  (it is a minimum I would say) is  Aiguille du Midi  Mer de Glace and  Mont Brevent.

future explorer & ¬†first explorer who climbed Mont Blanc…





Aiguille du Midi & Mont Blanc


Aiguille du Midi is 3842m high mountain with amazing view on Mont Blanc.  To get there I advise to take cable car. It is not cheap, but is worth it (otherwise you can climb).

View there took my breath away. It’s a beautiful place, all year plenty of snow and you really feel that you are at the roof of Europe .

You can take lot of pictures and if you want it is possible to take another cable car to Italian part of Alps. We went there to celebrate our wedding anniversary and we could not imagine better place than this one!


Entrance at Aiguille de Midi for climbers


The High Alps
Massif of Mont Blanc..if you look closer, you see some people…
Mont Blanc
Glacier of Mont Blanc
Massif of Mont Blanc & Mont Blanc- little bit covered by clouds…
another view at the valley and another glacier
i to
pretty busy there;)


Mer de Glace  Is a glacier situated on the northern slopes of the massif of Mont Blanc .


To go there you need to take small vintage train from Chamonix and during that journey you can admire beautiful landscapes.¬† Glacier is approx. 7.5kg long¬† and apparently it is the largest & longest glacier at the moment in France. It is sad but glacier is decreasing it’s level; it is melting due to climate change.


We went down to the glacier and we went inside ….I know it sounds bizarre but is real!

There is a tunnel & cave  and some sculptures carved in ice- I felt like being an another planet!

like an alien spaceship…




in the tunnel (low quality pic , taken by phone..)


Le Brévent -mountain which is  facing  Mont Blanc, and which you can hike or take  cable car to PlanPraz stop at 1.999m, where you change for second cable car to go at 2.525m.

From Brevent you can do a lot of hiking on relatively easy level or try paragliding -if you dare:)

This mountain is very sunny and usually during summer is a lot of deck chair o you can get sun tan;)

Well, I think the best is just to look at the pictures:)

view at Massif of Mont Blanc
do you dare?

I hope you enjoyed  and see you soon!